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We are a collective of artists who keep each other in practice.  Readings combine a theatrical gymnasium with a dinner party.


1. Readings will cost $25 per person.  This guarantees:

  • A meal

  • A selection of beverages

  • An optional puff puff

  • A little show

2. Each reading is recorded for archival purposes.

3. The first reading is free.


1. We will read a different script (almost) every time. Company Members use the Script Submission form.

2. Readings happen in venues around New York City, hosted by different Company Members.

Any Company Member can apply to host a reading through the Host Application form.

Each host decides: the cuisine, the capacity, and the vibe.


       Until January 2023, payment will be taken through Venmo (@Cameron-A-King). Payment is due once your spot at a reading is reserved through Eventbrite or otherwise confirmed. If you have not paid for your seat 24 hours before the reading, your seat will be released to the waitlist.


Any Company Member can apply to host a reading through the Host Application Form.

There are no specific requirements of a venue: it can be a park, a studio, a rooftop, anything. The host does not have to pay the $25 fee for their reading. The host is responsible for coordinating purchase of food and beverages for each guest. They will receive a final headcount and budget at noon on the day of the reading.


“Save the Date” emails will tell you when the readings will be, how many people can come, and the neighborhood where they'll take place. They will also include a link to the Eventbrite, where you can reserve a seat.  Due to the capacities set by the hosts, seats will be released on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“Season Announcement” emails will announce the titles that will be read and the season’s hosts.   This information will first be shared in person at a reading, then released to the remainder digitally.

“Casting Blasting” text messages will tell you what role(s) you have been offered for the season.

"Reading Reminder" emails will include all specific information on the venue and reading to those who have a confirmed seat.


King Readings will remain ever flexible and growing.  Any Company Member can nominate a new member

Cameron King does the art.  Sheer Figman does the business.

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